new art - new faces




motivated and inspired by two great artists, my stepfather and mentor dietrich arlt aeras aka reinhold von dem winde, whose sculptures are scattered in berlin's urban space, as well as my grandfather ernst oberhoff, among others the teacher of joseph beuys and wolf vostell, i've been doing that for a couple of years I should do it for a long time.


a life without my artwork is not a good life.


I have so much in mind what I still want to implement - and will - I am looking forward to it and am always amazed even when it is done.


(my) art makes me happy and touches me, especially when I touch others with it.


alex oberhoff


born in wuppertal 1965

since 1970 in Berlin




2004-2008 University of Potsdam, Art Teaching Office


prof. dr. maike-anna aissen crewett

prof. jörg Funnhoff

dr. wilfrid größel

claudia güttner


group exhibitions:

2004 galerie aeras, großschweidnitz

querschnitt 17, berlin

2005 querschnitt 18, berlin

2006 querschnitt 19, berlin

2007 querschnitt 20, berlin

2008 querschnitt 21, berlin

2009 querschnitt 22, berlin


potsdam 10/2006 pre exam
potsdam 10/2006 pre exam
potsdam 08/2008
potsdam 08/2008

2009 fugenbilder, musikalische malereien von juditd kerste und alex oberhoff, nicolaisäle, potsdam

2013, 48 stunden neukölln, kunststück, berlin


bauchhund salonlabor, berlin

PLASTIK aus dem Stand in alle Richtungen


solo exhibition

2018 bauchhund salonglabor, galerie berlin

"don´t loose your head" sculpture